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Magical-realistic architecture and still-life are the primary subjects in Gerd Renshof’s artistic profile, the pinnacle being his still-lifes depicting old books. Over a hundred of these have come out of his studio so far. This makes him unique, the only artist to specialize in this subject in oil paint. His well-wrought technique, which is based on Dutch 17th century studio practices, ensures that his paintings have a characteristic visual appeal.

Posters and postcards reproducing his work are being sold worldwide, and his
 work is represented in collections home and abroad. 

Gerd Renshof will gladly consider commissions for portraits of people or objects. He runs Academie Renshof, his painting school in Nijmegen, where he teaches Old Master techniques. 

For general information please check this website. For further questions, commissions and other info call 0031 (0)313-412305, or mail to: